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BMW Services

BMW F-Series I-Drive system  Radio/CD Navigation  Repair service

We can professionally repair your faulty i-drive system for a reasonale price of £350.
Common issues 
stuck on BMW logo 
Rebooting every 10-15 seconds
No sound output and many more
we will recode and reactivate the unit after repair.
Call us for more info.


BMW E-Series professional CCC unit Repair service

We can repair your pro CCC unit professionally with any issues for only £250.

These units could suffer from a variety of faults, such as:

Self reboting, Stuck on BMW logo, No sound, Blank screen, Navigation not working or freezing .Showing read error disc ,Not power up and many more.

After repair, we recode your unit based on your VIN number, so it will be plug and play.

BMW E-Series professional CIC repair service

This service is for E-series only.
We can repair any issues in CIC units for reasonable price.
After repair we recode your unit and send it back by next day delivery so will be plug and play.
For any enqueries Please contact us.



BMW E-Series MULF module (Bluetooth module) repair service

If you can not active your bluetooth module in the setting and you can not pair it with your phone or the output sound will cut off every 10-15 seconds and your iDrive will freeze, it could relate to faulty MULF module, which is in the car’s boot.

The price range start from £100.

BMW footwell repair service

We can repair and re-code your faulty footwell module for only £100.

BMW OEM amplifier repair service

We can repair professionally any amplifier which are fitted on the BMW cars.

LOGIC 7 amplifier from £200.


Coding and software update 

This is also available, contact us for an estimate.

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

AUDI Services

We can repair Navigation systems in AUDI A-SERIES

A4 A3 S3 RS3 03-12 8P RNS-E Navigation plus system read disc error repair service only £129.99

We can repair screen issues aswell. Please contact us for an estimate.

HONDA Services

Honda CR-V ,CIVIC 2002 till 2006 navigation repair service.

We can fix any issue such as :

Read disc error

ENT button jumping

Not power up

Not connect to GPS and many more

Honda CR-V ,Civic,Accord 2006 onwards navigation repair services

If you navigation system shows read disc error and not work any more then we can repair it for only £155.

We can fix most issues. Please contact us for an estimate.

TOYOTA Services

We can repair navigation systems on TOYOTA from 2003-2010

We can fix B9000,B9001,B9002.B9003,B9004,B9005 read disc error for only £155

B9007-B9010,B9012. read disc error for £165.

We can fix most issues just contact us for estimate.

LEXUS Services

 we can repair touch screen issues on LExus IS220, 250 for only £150 so just call us for more informstions or any other faults.

PORSCHE Services

We can professinally repair PCM head unit modules for reasonable price.

Dead pixcel on screen , lines on screen ,stuck on porsche logo ,not power up after battery jumping and many more .

PCM 2.1

BE6631, BE6632 , BE6642 , BE6661, BE6663 , BE6691, BE6693 ,BE6635

Please call us for estimare.